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Moccasins, are the traditional foot wear of the First Nations people, and were worn by all members of the tribes as well as hunters, traders and settles. Today they are a favorite footwear for use outdoors and most commonly indoors (especially on hardwood floors).

Traditional Moccasins

Moccasins are made in all different styles, colours and types of leathers. Bead styles also very from classic, simple patterns to complex, fully beaded slippers. You can read more about moccasins here.



Mukluks were originally worn by arctic natives. They are a soft leather boot of various styles, the most popular with beading and fur, although styles with no fur have become more common. As of late, traditional mukluks have regained popularity and have been spotted on several TV and movie stars.

Traditional Canadian Mukluks

Rosy makes her mukluks in the traditional style with Silver Fox, Beaver, Muskrat, and rabbit fur. She also makes styles without fur.


Gauntlets and Mitts

Gauntlets are a style of mitt which cover the hand, wrist and forearm. Rosy makes several styles of mitts and gauntlets. Her gauntlet style mitts are favored by snowmobilers and other outdoor sportsman and enthusiasts.

Celebrities wearing mukluks
Stars wearing mukluks
Canadian Leather Beaded Mitts
Rosy with big fur gauntlets